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Moving Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

Maids2NV ensures a stress-free move with our Moving Cleaning service. Get your deposit back as we transform your old home into a spotless haven in just 5-6 hours. Trust us for a seamless transition and enjoy the excitement of moving without the hassle.

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Moving Cleaning Services

Ensure Your Deposit Gets Returned

Moving is already a big job—let us handle the cleaning part! With Maids2NV, you’re guaranteed to get your deposit back, and we make sure your old place is spick and span for the next folks. Imagine walking into your new home stress-free, all set up for success. Trust Maids2NV for a smooth move that takes the cleaning worries off your plate.

We Make Moving Easy

Moving is a big deal, and Maids2NV is here to make it easier for you. Our Moving Cleaning service is like having a superhero for your home when it’s time to move. We clean every nook and cranny, making sure you get back your deposit from the old place and leave it ready for the next people. Imagine a spotless, stress-free home for you and a fresh start for the next folks.

In just 5-6 hours, our team does a complete overhaul of your entire home. We even hand-wipe every baseboard! With Maids2NV, moving becomes a breeze. Get your deposit back, have a stress-free move, and ensure your new home is set up for success. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on the exciting part—starting a new chapter in your new home.


The Process

Schedule Your Cleaning

Contact Maids2NV to book a cleaning consultation and discuss your needs, whether it’s recurring, deep, or specialized cleaning.

Customized Cleaning Plan

Maids2NV designs a personalized cleaning plan for your space, emphasizing eco-friendly practices in a three-step process—cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Enjoy a Spotless Space

Sit back as Maids2NV’s certified and pet-friendly team transforms your space stress-free. If not fully satisfied, take advantage of the 100% satisfaction guarantee for a worry-free experience.


Professional Cleaners In North Las Vegas

Deposit Assurance

Say goodbye to worries about losing your deposit. With Maids2NV’s Moving Cleaning, we ensure your old home is spotless, helping you secure the return of your deposit. Move on to your new chapter with the peace of mind that your money stays where it belongs.

Stress-Free Moving

Moving is already a lot to handle, and cleaning shouldn’t add to the stress. Maids2NV takes the cleaning burden off your shoulders, making your move stress-free. Focus on the excitement of a new home while we ensure your old one is left in perfect condition.

Sparkling Clean Solutions

Experience the magic of clean solutions with Maids2NV. We use safe and effective cleaning products that leave your home sparkling. Our certified team ensures a thorough and clean overhaul, leaving both your old and new homes ready for success.


Don’t Believe Us?

John Thomas
John Thomas
Sophia did a wonderful job cleaning my house! I recommend her to anyone who is in need of a professional.
Linda Carr
Linda Carr
Very personable, on time, very knowledgeable about what to clean with and what not to use in certain surfaces. Very thorough great addition to company.
Becky Shipley
Becky Shipley
Fantastic service! Have used them for almost two years. Each cleaner is professional and great to work with.
Shelly Wilkins
Shelly Wilkins
This cleaning company is fabulous! If your needs aren't met, the owner will be sure to change that to your satisfaction! They offer chemical free products, which is great with a family of babies & dogs. We've had 3 great cleaners; Mariah is the best! Adding more to this, as we had another cleaner within the company.....Travon for President! He was absolutely outstanding and I really loved coming home to a sparkling clean smelling good home , after a long day of work! Travon added those extra touches you love to see, example, the pretty folded toilet paper. I will continue to share on social media and refer this company to family, friends, and coworkers!
Savana McDougald
Savana McDougald
Went looking for a good reputable cleaning company to come do a deep clean before I was having another baby and I came across Maid2NV. One quick call and quote and they had someone to my house to clean within a few days. Travon had so many great reviews when I looked that I was excited when he was assigned to my house as well. Showed up promptly as scheduled and had me do a quick over view of problem areas with him before he started. He stayed for about 5 hours and completed a deep clean beyond our expectations. Highly recommend😊
Patti Pauldine
Patti Pauldine
Have been using Maid2NV for 5 years and have found them to be very thorough, professional and have been extremely pleased with their work. Would definitely recommend their services.

“Experience A Flawless Clean Like Never Before.”

Make Moving Easier


Everything You Need To Know

Moving Cleaning by Maids2NV ensures you leave your previous home in top condition, securing the return of your deposit. It also guarantees a clean, welcoming space for the next occupants.

Our Moving Cleaning service is efficiently done in 5-6 hours, providing a thorough overhaul of the entire home. We understand the urgency of a move, and our team works diligently to meet tight timelines.

Choosing Maids2NV for Moving Cleaning ensures you not only get your deposit back but also enjoy a stress-free move. We set up your new home for success by leaving it in impeccable condition for a fresh start.