Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

We have seen many changes over the past month and we are all trying to be safe and protect each other.  There will be a time every soon when we are allowed to gather together as a crowd and worship.  At Maids2Nv, we are equipped to sanitize large areas with a hospital-grade sanitizing fogger and will gladly offer that upgrade at no charge with a regular cleaning contract.  If you are interested in sanitizing alone, please call us for a quote.  Let's prepare for reopening and remain safe together!

A place of worship is more than just a building, it’s a gathering place – a place of refuge and celebration and a valuable part of the community.  It takes a lot to run a church - energy, effort, focus - so why spend valuable time worrying about cleaning?  Our cleaning specialists at Maids2nv can handle all of your church cleaning needs, no matter the size of your facility.  We clean from top to bottom and front to back - lobby, classrooms, pews, kitchen -  we understand that your specific facility requires unique cleaning services in order to present a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. You’ve invested a lot in your church or place of worship, and we want to keep it looking great all year long for your parishioners and visitors.  

We’re proud to offer the latest in cleaning technology, including green products that protect the environment. We never use harsh chemical cleaners that cause damage; protecting the health of your property, staff, and visitors is our main priority.

Contact Maids2Nv for your free personalized estimate. We create a cleaning program that fits your schedule and your budget. Our expert cleaning crews can then make sure that your place of worship sparkles from top to bottom, meaning you’ll never have to worry about cleaning again.