Why choose us?

We are the cleaning service of choice! The chemicals that most people use to clean their homes are toxic and can be absorbed by family members and animals alike.  At Maids2NV we only use products with certified organic ingredients and all-natural, which reduces chemicals on surfaces and in your air, keeping your family safe and healthy.   

Are you insured?

We are a fully bonded cleaning service.  We carry insurance for our employees and for the work that we do in your home.  We also guarantee customer satisfaction. Was something not cleaned the way that you expected?  Let us know and we will do our best to make things right.  

What about pets?

Pets are a part of the family, so we clean up after them as well! During the cleaning service we recommend that you keep your pet somewhere comfortable — not all of our furry friends like the sound of vacuums or unfamiliar people in their space. Let us know how you'd like to handle your pet ahead of time to keep them safe and happy. 

What should I do to prepare for the clean?

To ensure maximum efficiency, we ask that you pick up any toys or clothing before we arrive.  This will not only help make the time spent more effective but will also ensure that your possessions are in a safe place.  

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

No. We understand that most people work during the day and can't be home during the cleaning service.  Most of the time, our insured housecleaning professionals are provided with a spare key or garage code. 

What is your arrival window?

When you schedule cleaning services with Maids2NV, we’ll give you an arrival time that is scheduled accordingly so that you will not have to wait on a 3-4 hour window given by many cleaning companies.   Of course, if something comes up where we have a slight delay due to the previous client or unexpected traffic, we will contact you immediately!

What if something is missed?

We use cleaning methods that ensure your home receives the most consistent clean every time. During your first consultation, we’ll create a customized cleaning plan that’s designed to accommodate all of your specific requests. This cleaning plan is passed along to your cleaner along with a detailed checklist for your service.  However, we do recognize that perfection is not always possible, which is why we back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We’re happy to correct our mistakes at no additional cost to you when you contact us within 24 hours of your most recent service. 

Do I need to provide equipment or supplies?

No. We provide our cleaning professionals with all the tools necessary to leave your home sparkling clean and ensure high-quality service each time.  We use the most effective equipment on the market and we use only essential oil and organically based cleaning products.   If you have any preferences in regards to what cleaning products we use, feel free to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to work with your requests.

How do I pay?

Payments are due on the day of your scheduled cleaning service. Most of our customers leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter, but we also accept payments via CASHapp, Venmo, and Paypal.  If you do choose to write us a check, please make it payable to Maids2NV.   Please let us know if an invoice is needed.